Piano tuning, repair and restoration

Areas of Practice



Manufacturers recommend that your piano is tuned twice a year.  In cases of elevated usage or a less physically consistent environment a greater frequency of visits may be necessary.


Voicing is the adjustment of the piano's tone, by manipulating the density of the hammer felt.  As a young technician I was fortunate to receive a private voicing lesson from the tuner for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  What was impressed upon me was how crucial the attentiveness to detail was required in order to develop the most balanced, pleasing tone for each particular instrument.

Repairs and regulation

As a system of levers and parts acting in a sequence, the piano mechanism will gradually become less precise over time.  Factors such as the amount of usage, the temperature and humidity of the surrounding area, and the maintenance of the instrument over its lifetime can also influence this process.  Regulation is the act of re-setting the mechanism to its highest level of playability.

Repair work is determined per instrument and always discussed with each client prior to undertaking.


Reconditioning is the bundling of the services of tuning, cleaning, regulation and voicing in order to restore the piano without the need of part replacement.


Each piano is unique, due to its manufacture and maintenance.  With appraisals, I offer a chance to assess the instrument's current condition and value, as well as possible repairs and cost analysis.