Piano Restoration

Invest in piano restoration to ensure that your piano is playing as beautifully as it possible can

Piano Restoration 

You can play a piano for many years without needing to take it in for major repairs. Certain elements, however, will decline as the piano ages. These can include the piano’s tone, touch, and appearance. By trusting Knoxville Piano with your piano restoration needs, you’ll be able to see your piano in good condition once again.

Also known as reconditioning, piano restoration is meant to improve a piano’s performance without replacing major components such as the soundboard or bridges. Knoxville Piano’s Sevan Takvoryan has over 20 years of experience in the piano business, allowing him to evaluate your piano for its unique restoration needs.

What is included in piano restoration?

High quality piano restoration services can transform the function of your piano. By cleaning, repairing, and adjusting the parts of a piano without replacing major parts, restoration can be your ticket to better performance without a hefty price tag. The following services are typically bundled in piano restoration:

  • Tuning: The majority of piano owners know that tuning is critical for proper piano maintenance. Manufacturers typically recommend you tune your piano twice a year, but bundling the service into restoration will ensure all of the other repairs truly improve the piano’s quality.

  • Regulation: When you have your piano regulated, you’re putting it through the process of re-setting its systems to the optimal level of playability. Regulation ensures that the key and pedal systems respond correctly to your touch.

  • Voicing: By manipulating the density of the hammer felt, a piano technician can adjust your piano’s tone. This is the process of voicing and it requires the utmost attention to detail to achieve the most pleasant tone possible.

  • Cleaning: Dust and debris will accumulate in every nook and cranny of your piano. As a piano is an instrument that requires perfect balance, a thorough cleaning of dust and debris can make a significant difference in the performance.

By investing in piano restoration, you’ll ensure that your piano is playing as beautifully as it possible can. Contact Sevan Takvoryan to learn more about what type of restoration bundle your piano needs. Call Knoxville Piano at (865) 659-2077 or fill out our simple online form today.